Q-- Are California State Prison parolees required to carry the California Department of Corrections ID card with them ?

A-- No. In fact they should not have them. Any ID card a parolee had inside prison should be taken from them when they are released to parole. This includes privilege cards.

Q-- Is it a violation of parole for a parolee to be in the company of another parolee ?

A-- No. It is not a violation of their standard conditions of parole. It may violate a special condition of parole they may have , so check with their parole agent.

Q-- Is it a violation of parole for a parolee to be in possession of a plastic gun ?

A-- Yes. A standard condition of parole is that they will not posses or have under their control a firearm or ammunition or have any device that a reasonable person would believe could be used as a firearm.

Q-- Can a Police Officer violate a parolee’s parole ?

A-- Only in certain circumstances. Only if there is a warrant for them or if the Officer is acting as an agent for the Parole Agent. A Police Officer cannot violate a parolee’s parole on his/her own.

Q-- Are parolees required to tell Police Officers that they are on parole ?

A-- No. Not as a standard condition of parole. Check with the agent , it maybe a special condition.

Q-- Can a Police Officer search a parolee just because he/she is on parole ?

A--Yes. The law of the land, in California, is the Reyes decision which states that a Police Officer can search a parolee as long as the search is not, "arbitrary, capricious or harassing". The affirming decision is Sampson. Remember, you first have to know that they are on active parole. For more details go to the home page

Q-- Can a Police Officer stop and detain a parolee just because he is on parole ?

A-- Yes. Same as above.

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